Digital Practitioner Certification: DPBoK™ Foundation

The purpose of Digital Practitioner Foundation certification is to provide validation that the individual has gained knowledge of the foundational set of concepts for the Digital Practitioner. It leads to the DPBoK Foundation qualification.

The certification can help:

  • Those who require an introduction and basic understanding of the Digital Practitioner Body of Knowledge™ Standard (also known as the DPBoK™ Standard)
  • Individuals who wish to create and manage product offerings with an increasing digital component, or lead their organization through Digital Transformation
  • IT professionals working within any size organization, from a startup through to a large enterprise, that has adopted digital approaches

The learning objectives at this level focus on knowledge and comprehension.

Individuals who become DPBoK Foundation certified will have demonstrated their understanding of:

  • The key concepts of Digital Transformation, and Digital-First
  • The basic concepts ("the Digital Fundamentals") employed by the Digital Practitioner
  • The capabilities of digital infrastructure
  • The fundamental objectives and activities of application development
  • Why there is need for formalized product management as a company or team grows
  • The key concerns and practices of work management as a team increases in size
  • The basic concepts and practices of operations management in a digital/IT context
  • How to coordinate as an organization grows into multiple teams and multiple organizations
  • IT investment and portfolio management, including finance, sourcing, portfolio management, service catalogs, and project management
  • Organizational structure, human resources, and cultural factors, as an organization goes through the "team of teams" transition
  • Governance, risk, security, and compliance, as an organization operates at enterprise scale
  • Information and data management on a large scale, including the establishment of formal governance, control, and management techniques for information
  • Practices and methods for managing complexity using Enterprise Architecture.

Program Datasheets

The following datasheets are available describing the Digital Practitioner Certification program.

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