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TOGAF Demonstration Examination

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The following is a sample set of examination questions to allow you to check your readyness for the examination. This sample set comprises ten questions only. The actual examination comprises 101 questions. Target time for completion of these ten questions is 8 minutes.

Complete the Demonstration TOGAF 8 Examination

Q1. TOGAF's ADM is a(n) ______________.
Modelling Tool

Q2. Which of the following items is completed during the Preliminary Phase of the TOGAF ADM?
Request for Architecture Work
Gap Analysis
Impact Analysis
Statement of Architecture Work
Requirements Gathering

Q3. The Architecture Vision phase of the TOGAF ADM is initiated upon a(n) _________.
Approval from the Chief Information Officer
Request for Architecture Work from the sponsoring organization
Requirements Analysis
Implementation Plan
Directive from the Chief Executive Officer

Q4. TOGAF suggests, but does not require, the use of ________ to analyze business requirements.
Gap Analysis
SWOT Analysis
Fishbone Diagrams
Business Scenarios
Mind Maps

Q5. The concept of a reusable building block is part of the TOGAF _______
Enterprise Continuum
Architecture Development Method
Technical Reference Model
Integrated Information Infrastructure Reference Model
Gap Analysis

Q6. In a TOGAF Architecture, the concerns and interests of different stakeholders can be accommodated through the use of ___________

Q7. What deliverable from the Phase D technical architecture work is most important in Phase E Opportunities and Solutions?
Impact Analysis
Technical Architecture Report
Gap Analysis
Updated Business Architecture
Updated Requirements

Q8. TOGAF suggests, but does not require, the use of ________ to provide a foundation for governing the implementation of the recommended projects.
Impact Analysis
Risk Assessment
Strategic Plan
Architecture Contracts

Q9. The implementation governance phase of the TOGAF ADM is focussed on _____________
Overall program management
Managing service level agreements with business units
Overall IT Governance
Compliance to the architecture
Linkage to Corporate Governance policies

Q10. Which of the following is a major driver that would compel the architecture governing body to decide that a proposed revision requires an additional cycle through the ADM?
Technology Change
Software Upgrade
Changes to the data schema
Increased License Fees
All the above

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