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TOGAF Commercial Licensing

If you wish to submit a product or service for certification to one of the following a TOGAF Commercial License is required.

  • TOGAF 8 Professional Services
  • TOGAF 8 Tool Support
  • TOGAF 8 Training
  • Accredited TOGAF 9 Training Course
  • TOGAF 9 Tool

If your organization is a member of The Open Group's Architecture Forum it can obtain an Annual Commercial License for TOGAF for no additional charge after completing the additional appropriate paperwork for the license.

The TOGAF Commercial License Agreement is between your organization and The Open Group and requires signature. The TOGAF Commercial License agreement only needs to be entered into once per organization. It needs to be renewed annually (the latest version has been updated to auto-renew if a licensee is in good standing). When it is in place multiple products or services can be submitted for certification to the above Product Standards.

Link to License Request Form

Licensing FAQs

Q. What is the difference between an Annual Commercial License and an Annual Member License for TOGAF? Are they equivalent?

A. They are different. The Annual Member License is a personal license that allows the individual in a member organization to retain a personal copy of the TOGAF materials for 1 year. We do not require a signature, we just log the fact that the materials have been downloaded under this license.

The Annual Commercial License is corporate, and requires an appropriate signature on behalf of the organization.

Q. What license do Architecture Forum members need for TOGAF Certification?

For all product standards except TOGAF CERTIFIED, they need to have a Commercial License. If a member is being submitted for TOGAF CERTIFIED under the interim/soft conformance requirements then their organization also needs an Annual Commercial License, if under the hard conformance requirements no Annual Commercial License is required, see the Product Standard for details.

Q. I want to use TOGAF in a consulting engagement with an end user organization, what situations require a commercial license?

  • If you are an employee of the end user enterprise that intends using TOGAF internally then a commercial licence is not required
  • If you are a consultant, trainer, systems integrator, tools vendor or other service provider then you need a commercial license.
  • Your client - the end user organization does not need a commercial licence


Q. How do I renew my Annual Commercial License?

To renew your annual license you should download and complete the relevant license paperwork from the links above and fax them to either +1 415 276 3760 (USA) or +44 870 131 0418 (UK). The TOGAF certification team will then amend your license for another twelve month period.

Current Commercial License holders

The Commercial Licenses below provide rights for commercial use of the version of TOGAF to which the license applies as well as all prior versions of TOGAF, including TOGAF 8.

TOGAF Version 9.1 and earlier
The Open Group
TOGAF Version 9 and earlier
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