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SOSA Technology Working Group Subcommittee Leads

Hardware Subcommittee
Lead:        Patrick Collier - Aspen Consulting
Co-Lead:  Paul Mesibov - Pentek

Eletrical-Mechanical Subcommittee
Lead:         Greg Powers      - Gore
Co-Lead:  Josh Hinnebusch - University of Daton Research Institute

Inter-Module Interactons Subcommittee
Lead:       Michadl Moore  - Aspen Consulting
Co-Lead: Garrett Sargent - University of Daton Research Institute

Software Environment SubCommittee
Lead:        Mike Majors - AFLCMC
Co-Lead: Mike Orlovsky - L3 Harris

Data Model Subcommittee
Lead:       Paul Clarke - Northrop Grumman
Co-Lead: Jeff Bryant  - BAE

Sensor Management Subcommittee
Lead:       Dan Toohey - Mercury
Co-Lead: Shawn Reese - General Dynamics

Security Subcommittee
Lead:       Steve Edwards - Curtiss Wright
Co-Lead: Michael Clark   - Riverside Research 







Sponsor-Level Members

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