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Current TOGAF Commercial Licensees

The Commercial Licenses below provide rights for commercial use of the version of TOGAF to which the license applies as well as all prior versions of TOGAF, including TOGAF 8 and TOGAF 7.

TOGAF Version 9.1 and earlier
The Open Group
TOGAF Version 9 and earlier

Information current as of Tue Jan 17 21:19:53 GMT 2017

Note For more information including how to obtain a commercial license for TOGAF see the Commercial licensing page.
If you are a licensee not listed, its possible your license has expired (they renew annually). If so please download a current license, sign and fax to either +1 415 276 3760 (USA) or +44 870 131 0418 (UK). (Click here to download the licenses).
If you are aware of any use of TOGAF for commercial purposes by any entity not listed above, please contact us at

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