Cloud Computing Governance Framework – Cloud Computing Governance Roles


Note:  These descriptions are based upon a summarized version from Section 8 of ISO/IEC 17789:2014.

Overall Governance

The governance team maps to the cloud auditor role but applies across the cloud service consumer, cloud service provider, and cloud service partner roles.

Cloud Service Consumer

A cloud service consumer has a business relationship with a cloud service provider to use cloud services. A cloud service consumer may also have a business relationship with a cloud service partner for a variety of purposes. Key activities include selecting and implementing the cloud services as well as monitoring, security, reporting, and managing problem reports of the service. The cloud service consumer’s main goals are to ensure business/IT alignment and seamless service provider interoperability.

Governance Role

Cloud service administrator

Governed Role

Cloud service user, cloud service business manager, cloud service integrator

Cloud Service Provider

A cloud service provider makes cloud services available to cloud service consumers. This role (and all of its sub-roles) focuses on the cloud computing activities necessary to offer a cloud service and the cloud computing activities necessary to ensure its delivery to the cloud service consumer, as well as cloud service maintenance.

Governance Role

Cloud service operations manager, cloud service deployment manager, cloud service manager, cloud service business manager, customer support and care representative, inter-cloud provider, cloud service security and risk manager, network provider

Cloud Service Partner

A cloud service partner supports or works with activities of the cloud service provider and/or the cloud service consumer. Activities of the cloud service partner include designing, creating, enhancing, and maintaining service components. This also includes ensuring adherence with security and audit controls.

Governance Role

Cloud auditor

Governed Role

Cloud service broker, cloud service developer