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Become an Accredited Training Course Provider

The Open Group Accredited Training Course Provider Program

The Open Group has created certification programs based on the Open Standards developed by our members:

  • The TOGAF® Standard, a standard of The Open Group - an Enterprise Architecture methodology and framework used to improve business efficiency.
  • The Open Agile Architecture™ Standard — an outcome-based, product-centered approach to enable enterprises to respond to customer needs in a nimble and agile manner.
  • The ArchiMate® modeling language- a visual modelling notation and language standard
  • The Digital Practitioner Body of KnowledgeTM - assists individuals to create and manage product offerings with a digital component
  • The IT4ITTM Reference Architecture - a value chain approach and standard reference model for IT functions
  • The Open FAIRTM Body of Knowledge - a taxonomy and methodology for understanding, analyzing and measuring information risk

Our Accredited Training Course Providers and their affiliates are professional training organisations with a proven track record of delivering high quality training . To have your Training course accredited, there is a rigorous assessment which assures your course is both comprehensive and meets the stated objectives required.

Why become an Accredited Training Course Provider?

Differentiate from other training organizations:

  • Accreditation of your course from The Open Group is proof of your ability to meet the high levels of professionalism from your course material and training provision that The Open Group requires – it’s a mark of quality.
  • Become a member and join the forums that develop the Standards – work with the industry leading experts that develop the standards which Open Group certifications are based upon. Influence their future direction and development.
  • Enhance your organisations brand standing with association with The Open Group and The Open Group standards.
  • Permission to use specific branding and trademarks from The Open Group
  • Broad range of certifications enabling you to enhance your IT training portfolio, with complementary courses.
  • Leverage an international market that already recognize standards and certifications of The Open Group.
  • Increase your training revenues and get the opportunity to train worldwide  
  • Competitive advantage by offering accredited training, that is recognised by employers and relevant to career progression
  • Publish your courses on The Open Group training calendar to drive more interest
  • Licensable courseware is available from The Open Group to accelerate your time-to-market
  • Early access to changes in the standards

In short, accreditation from The Open Group is a mark of assurance to your candidates and their employers that you deliver the appropriate syllabus using competent trainers and comprehensive materials in an appropriate learning environment.

Visibility on The Open Group web site

Accredited Training Course register

Calendar of Accredited Training Courses


Other privileges

Membership of The Open Group included with commercial license

Distribute TOGAF®, ArchiMate®, DPBoKTM , IT4ITTM, or Open FAIRTM standards (as applicable) to course attendees

Distribute official practice exams to course attendees

Streamlined accreditation process

Discounted examination vouchers

Market distinction

Accredited Courses are a pre-requisite of many companies and governments

Added prestige and credibility of course and organization

Accreditation Logo

Sell Accredited Training Course through Affiliates

Can partner with more than one Accredited Training Course Provider

TOGAF®, ArchiMate®, DPBoKTM , Open FAIR or IT4IT course branding

Next Steps – How to become a The Open Group ATC provider.

Becoming an Accredited Training Course Provider requires a modest upfront investment which is easily recouped through increased marketing opportunities and awareness and greater uptake of your training courses.

To begin this process, please e-mail us to contact one of our experts.

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