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Accredited Training Course: Re-Accreditation

Re-accreditation is required once every 3 years as per Section 9.2 of the Training Course Accreditation Policy

This is required to demonstrate that the Accredited Training Course (ATC) continues to meet all applicable Accreditation Requirements.

The level of Assessment required is based on what has changed since the previous Assessment

The steps are as follows:

  1. The Certification Authority will send notice around 90 days in advance of the re-accreditation date.
  2. The Organization must respond to the Certification Authority within 30 calendar days indicating whether or not the Organization would like to maintain the accreditation. Failure to respond within 30 calendar days will be deemed a withdrawal and the accreditation will expire on the re-accreditation date.
  3. The Organization should complete the ATC Re-accreditation form at least 45 calendar days prior to the re-accreditation date.  (The set of documents required is defined in the form).

Certification Authority Actions:

The Certification Authority’s Assessor will review the documents and report the Assessment findings with a summary to the Certification Authority.

Please note that re-accreditation may also require an on-site audit. The Assessment team will advise further.

Please be advised as per Section 9.4 of the Training Course Accreditation Policy that your course may be withdrawn from the Accreditation Register:

9.4 Withdrawal of Accreditation at Re-Accreditation During the re-accreditation process, the Certification Authority may revoke the accreditation and remove the ATC from the Accreditation Register, if:

  • The Organization does not complete the re-accreditation process within 30 calendar days after the re-accreditation date.
  • or The Organization fails to complete any action within the timeframe defined in Section 9.2 or 9.3.

Such a training course will then no longer be considered an ATC.