Training Course Frequently Asked Questions

Q: We are interested in using the TOGAF®/ArchiMate®/DPBoK™/OAA™/Open FAIR™/IT4IT™ trademarks and materials. Do we need approval?

A: Organizations interested in using or referencing The Open trademarks, service marks, logos, images and copyrighted materials on their websites, publications, products, media kits and other formats for similar intentions should consult our Trademark guidance page.

Q: What do we need to deliver a training course?

A: A Commercial license is necessary to be allowed to deliver training courses based on The Open Group trademarks. Please consult the Licensing page for further information per trademark.

Q: Why is it beneficial to have a course accredited by The Open Group?

A: By getting your course accredited you will be granted several privileges including discounted examination vouchers, the authorization to use The Open Group trademark in your course name and have your course listed in the ATC calendar and ATC provider showcase. Please contact us on ATC-support(a) for further information.

Q: We want to have a training course accredited by The Open Group. What should we do?

A: For further details on the process and requirements to have a course accredited please consult the Get your first course accredited page. Do not hesitate to contact us via ATC-support(a) if you have any question.

Q: Can we license The Open Group training course materials?

A: Yes, please contact ATC-support(a) for further information.

Q: Can we use our own courseware to deliver an Accredited Training Course?

A: Yes, for further instructions, please consult the Get your first course accredited page.

Q: We want to purchase examination vouchers, how can we do it?

A: Organizations that wish to obtain examination vouchers for their own staff or who are commercially licensed and comply with trademark use guidelines can purchase retail vouchers in the online shop. Please contact ATC-support(a) for further information.

Q: Are we allowed to include courses based on The Open Group programs to its portfolio without having them accredited?

A: It is possible to deliver non-accredited training courses with a Commercial License, however, your organization will not be able to use any of The Open Group trademarks in the course name (e.g. TOGAF® course is not allowed; Enterprise Architecture Training based on the TOGAF® framework would be allowed). Affiliation may also be a solution. Accredited Training Course providers with an affiliation relationship are listed on The Open Group ATC registers. Please email us on for further information.

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