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Add an Affiliate

Instructions for Accreditation Training Course (ATC) providers wishing to add an affiliate.

1- Commercial License

Your Affiliate must have a valid Commercial License for the applicable standard. In case they don't have one yet, they should contact memberservices(at)

Click here to check if an organization is a license holder.

2- First affiliation

For a first Affiliation, please complete the Affiliate Management and Compliance Section on The Quality Management System AppendixWord Document (only when registering the first affiliate)

3- Trainers

The Authorized trainers requirements are listed here. The affiliate may use its own trainer(s) or the sponsor's trainer(s). Trainers must be authorized by the Certification Authority prior to delivery of an ATC. New trainers can be registered when submitting a new affiliate.

4- Submit a new Affiliate

5- Legal documents and Affiliation fee

To be signed by the Affiliate: Affiliation Agreement, Affiliation Schedule, Accreditation TMLA, TMLA Schedule

To be signed by the ATC Sponsor: Affiliate Schedule

We will prepare the Legal Documents and send them to you. We will also request the pro-rated Affiliation fee.

Fees are payable at the time of registration for affiliation and annually thereafter on the anniversary date of the ATC's accreditation.

Description Fee
Fee for each Affiliate using its own Quality Management System to operate the ATC. US $1,900 per annum*
Fee for each Affiliate operating under the ATC Provider's Quality Management System. US $1,200 per annum*

*Pro-rated in the first year to synchronize with the anniversary date of the ATC's accreditation.

Affiliation fees do not include the commercial license fee

Certification Authority Actions

The Certification Authority will check to ensure that all required legal agreements are fully executed, fees have been paid, and all submitted documents are acceptable. The Certification Authority will inform you of the outcome.

Once the Affiliation has been approved, it will be made visible on the Accredited Course Register.

For more information, please click here to send an email.