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Services to Consortia
  Sophocles Mail Manager FAQ -- "Attachment Control"    

This FAQ is to help explain the Attachment control feature within the Sophocles Mail Manager .

What is Attachment control for ?
Attachment control is a List Maintainer feature that allows control over whether attachments are allowed in messages sent to a list.
What are the settings for Attachment control?
  1. On (the default).The default is to allow attachments to be posted to a list.
  2. Off . When set to Off messages containing most attachments or inline uuencoded text will not be accepted. They will be forwarded to the list maintainer, and a message sent to the originator informing them that the message was not allowed.
How do I set the Attachment control for a list ?
Attachment control can either be set when a list is created, or when updating a list.
Are html messages allowed when Attachments is set to Off ?
No, html text messages are seen as attachments and disallowed. To accept them set the Attachments control to On.
What attachments are allowed when Attachments is set to Off ?
The system will allow pgp signature and vcard attachments.

20 Apr 2005








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