Berlin 2017: Proceedings - Healthcare Forum

Healthcare Forum Members' Meeting

Objective of Meeting

  • To move the Reference Architecture (HERA) forward
  • To advance the Forum


Prior to the Event the Vice-Chair and Director met for 1.5 days to discuss the HERA and its use by Sykehauspartner in Norway. Much of the first day was spent discussing and revising our respective slide decks on the HERA. Four papers were presented during the Plenary on Tuesday (see the Plenary report). The Forum and the HERA attracted the interest of architects from Capgemini (who attended the closed meeting on Wednesday) and a consulting firm working on a healthcare architecture for the Czech Republic.

Wednesday morning the Chair, Vice-Chair, and Director met with Steve Nunn, CEO of The Open Group to discuss the HERA and assorted Forum topics. The remainder of Wednesday (except Wednesday afternoon) and Thursday were spent discussing the HERA, Capgemini’s RA for pharma work, and the RA for the Czech Government.

Wednesday afternoon the Chair, Vice-Chair,, and Director met with Loren Baynes and the Hotwire team, to discuss current issues in Healthcare, representative Forum views on those issues, and how marketing this information can be useful to the Forum.


  • Three presentations on the HERA
  • Conceptual and technical development of the HERA
  • Engagement of Capgemini participation in the Forum, in Berlin, and going forward
  • Alignment of Forum goals with The Open Group management goals
  • Possible engagement of Czech business process framework with the HERA

Next Steps

  • Further advancement and development of the HERA, conceptually and technically
  • Plan to unveil the HERA with a White Paper at the Amsterdam meeting in October 2017
  • White Paper and publication topics:
    • Using the TOGAF framework to build a hospital
    • Introduction to the HERA
  • Acquire Sparx EA and use for two purposes:
    • Contribute to RA with The Open Group (i.e., Director participation, at request of Chair and Vice-Chair)
    • Maintain postings of the most recent HERA on the Healthcare Forum website (not Plato) so comments can be invited from a larger audience
  • Sparx EA will be the documenting software of choice for the Healthcare Forum
  • Work with Hotwire to develop points of view for marketing


The newest version of the HERA is available at the Forum members' Plato website.

The Open Group Platinum Members