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Product | Tool | Processes Certification

Quality certification programs with faster time to market

The Open Group has a proven track record of accelerating market adoption of standards through certification. Through user and industry participation, The Open Group produces standards that reflect practical market requirements, and establishes certification programs that provide a warranty of conformance for products, services, and business practices to industry standards or best practices.

Buyers benefit by such programs through:

  • Reliable assurance of conformance to standards and best practices
  • Minimized need for conformance testing
  • Simplified bid analysis and reduced document complexity, cost, and risk associated with procurement

Suppliers of products, services, or business practices certified by The Open Group:

  • Warrant and represent that their product, service, or business practice meets applicable conformance requirements, which gives buyers confidence
  • Get access to, and earn the confidence of, major customers and business partners who specify that their procurements must be guaranteed to conform to rigorous specifications
  • Benefit from the experience and infrastructure of The Open Group, which translates to quality and speed to market

How to have your product, tool, or process certified by The Open Group

The certification process consists of several easy-to-follow steps as stated in the certification guide for each program. Please review the guidelines specific to each certification program: