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Academic Membership (faculty)

The Open Group Academic Membership is available to Academic Faculty at accredited colleges and universities. Our intention is to enable academic members to collaborate on projects that will help to further the technology profession and encourage the development and adoption of open standards.

There are currently over 36 Academic Member organizations from 17 countries around the world. See details of all our members at

Benefits of Membership

As the vendor-neutral, global consortium that leads the development of technology standards, certifications, and best practices worldwide, The Open Group actively encourages Academic participation in our Forums and Work Groups.

Members of The Open Group:

  • Have early access to the latest information on technology standards / industry developments
  • Network with a world-class community of peers, experts, and industry leaders
  • Gain insight for future decisions from both major customers and suppliers of technology
  • Can work collaboratively on mutually beneficial projects
  • Grow professionally, and enhance their credibility as industry thought leaders


There are a number of The Open Group Forums where there is active participation from Academic Members. They include:

  • Architecture Forum
  • ArchiMate™ Forum
  • Open Platform 3.0™Forum
  • Real-time and Embedded Systems Forum
  • Security Forum


The cost of an Academic Silver membership (single forum) is $1,250 for a 1-year period. The cost of an Academic Gold membership (enabling access into all regular forums) is $3,125 for a 1-year period.

For further details, contact membership.

The Open Group Academic Membership

The Open Group provides an Academic Membership for faculty from Academic institutions. Beyond the Academic Membership described above, The Open Group has introduced an enhanced Academic Program providing increased participation options and benefits to students and to Academic institutions. The Open Group recognizes that broader engagement in the development and use of our standards and best practices by Academic institutions and students would be beneficial to the institutions and their students, as well as to The Open Group, and to our individual Forums. The Open Group Academic Program has been designed to facilitate increased access to the standards process for Academic institutions and students, and enhanced learning and professional certification opportunities.

Program components:

  • Requires an Academic Membership in a Forum of The Open Group, and includes an Academic license to the relevant standard (TOGAF®, ArchiMate™, IT4IT™, or Open FAIR™ - all standards of The Open Group)
  • Opportunity to propose unpaid and paid internships for projects in various Forums of The Open Group, with support by The Open Group for funding of the internships
  • Academic Membership fees and courseware licensing fees are directly applied to support internships within the program
  • Special Academic rates on courseware for academic use, and special voucher rates for students wishing to test and obtain certifications; special rates on study guides
  • Recognition awards for students taking courses on standards of The Open Group in the form of stoles (sashes) for intern contributions and certifications

Sponsorship opportunities exist for commercial organizations to sponsor aspects of the program. Inquire at  Membership.

Program Benefits

For Students:

  • Provides a way to differentiate yourself to potential employers via work experiences & professional certification
  • Develop a professional network of contacts, including thought leaders in industry
  • Gain exposure to potential employers
  • Acquire real life, practical work experience in industry
  • Professional development & growth experiences (project leadership, writing, speaking)
  • Build your resume with projects & achievements
  • Offer a unique experience to students, provide value beyond coursework & a degree

For Academic Institutions:

  • Membership provides the ability to participate in the standards development process
  • Build connections to industry leaders and influence direction of standards/best practices
  • Bring ideas from industry back into the Academic setting
  • Enhance the reputation of your Academic institution
  • Foster innovation communities

Members should contact The Open Group Forum Director for the relevant Forum to inquire about how to participate in the Academic Program. Academic institutions who are not currently members can inquire here membership.