Architecture Forum

Leading global standards for Enterprise Architecture and certification for enterprise IT and Business Architecture

The vision of The Open Group® is, Boundaryless Information Flow™ achieved through global interoperability in a secure, reliable and timely manner”. The Open Group Architecture Forum mission supports this by:


  • Validating, publishing, fostering, and maintaining best practices for Enterprise Architecture
  • Developing, organizing, researching, and publishing thought leaders in Enterprise Architecture
  • Providing broad and deep leadership to the Enterprise Architect community
  • Initiating and managing programs and projects to support these activities


The Open Group Architecture Forum is best known as the home of the TOGAF® Standard and is the place where changes and extensions to the standard are developed by members, but its work is more diverse than this, and includes a wide range of architecture related topic such as:

EA Domain Level activities

  • Business Architecture – Open Business Architecture Standard and supporting content
  • Information Technology Architecture - Master Data Management and Business intelligence and Analytics
  • Application Architecture – Application Value Streams and supporting content
  • Data Integration Architecture – Data Integration landscape and best practice
  • Zero Trust Security Architecture (in collaboration with The Open Group Security Forum)
  • Data Integration
  • Microservice Architectures

Industry Verticals

  • Commercial Aviation Reference ArchitectureTM
  • Government Reference Architecture
  • Open Healthcare Enterprise Reference ArchitectureTM (developed and maintained by the Healthcare Forum)


All of its work is core to The Architects Toolkit - a portfolio of the most pertinent standards, reference architectures, frameworks, tools and bodies of knowledge used by Enterprise Architects in their work lives.

The TOGAF® Standard and TOGAF Series Guides

Agile Enterprise Architecture

Get Involved and Gain Influence in Defining Open Standards and Certifications

Being a member of The Open Group gives organizations early access to the latest information and developments regarding open standards and best practices, and enables them to participate in The Open Group’s highly influential Forums and Work Groups. We provide a collaborative, vendor-neutral environment where member representatives can:

  • Network with a world-class community of peers, experts and industry leaders
  • Have early access to information on industry developments
  • Gain insight for future decisions from both major customers and suppliers of IT
  • Influence outcomes that benefit their organizations
  • Grow professionally, and enhance their credibility in the industry
  • Receive education in best practices

Membership FAQs


The Open Group events are for business and technology professionals interested in achieving business objectives through technology standards. The Open Group organizes conferences, member meetings, industry verticals, webinars, and podcasts on a wide variety of topics.

The Architecture Forum hosts a quarterly members governance session where updates regarding workgroup activities, publications, and certifications are presented. The Forum also host a monthly session that is open for all members to discuss any topics related to the Forum.

Check our events calendar for upcoming events.

Below is an example of publications related to Enterprise Architecture. Full versions and more can be found in the Open Group Library.

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