Take an Exam

Please note that it is possible to take an exam at home 24 hours a day. When booking please carefully check the appointment time, in particular please note that 12:00 AM is midnight.

Before booking an exam please read the Advice Sheet (PDF).
Please also ensure you have a valid contact phone number (check your profile here)
If you are using an exam voucher code please read the Voucher Terms and Conditions Sheet (PDF).

In order to take an exam you need to Connect to Pearson VUE using the following link :

Please note the following:

All examinations are subject to The Open Group Examination Non-disclosure Agreement, Exam Conduct and Security Policy

In order to book an exam with Pearson VUE your personal information is sent to them in order to make an exam booking and take exams. This includes information from your profile at The Open Group: candidate ID, User Name, Salutation, Given Name, Middle Name, Family Name; Contact information including contact phone numbers and email address,  employer information (if present), and mailing address information.

Need help with Booking an Exam:
View the exam booking tutorial (PDF)

Taking an Online Proctored exam:
View the Online OnVUE Tutorial or download a copy in PDF format.

Exam Registration FAQs

Q. I receive an ERROR_CANDIDATE_NOT_FOUND error when connecting to my account at Pearson VUE. What should I do?
A. If you are registering for the first time, this indicates we were unable to transfer your details to Pearson VUE due to an issue with your profile. Please check you have a valid phone number (check that there are no spaces or periods in the phone number) and address including country. For address fields please check that the fields are 30 characters or shorter. If after updating you still have errors please contact our helpdesk using the address given on the screen.
Q. I have an accented character in my name. When transferred to Pearson VUE this appears as a question mark. What can I do?
A.There is a mismatch with character handling in the Pearson VUE side. As a workaround you should update your profile in The Open Group system to put the closest non-accented characters. To update your profile, please click here.  If you need assistance you can contact The Open Group helpdesk.
See more FAQS.
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