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Experience based Professional Certification - The Open Professions Program

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The Open Group Professional Certification Program (Open Professions) provides a globally recognized credential enhancing your value and visibility as a professional, while enabling your organization to adopt best practices within its career model. It is a program that provides experience-based certification that has no examination requirement and:

  • Provides a career framework with certification already used and recognized by world leading organizations
  • Provides an objective, reliable measure of candidate capabilities and qualifications
  • Ensures a more efficient and successful recruiting process with consistently positive results
  • Enables organizations to formalize and recognize career progression
  • Helps identify the best candidates for critical roles and responsibilities

The Open Group Open Professions Program consists of the following certifications:

Screenshot 2019-10-18 09.06.29_0.png

Open Certified Architect (Open CA): Open CA is the premier, global certification for certifying skills and experience in the IT architecture community

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Open Certified Data Scientist (Open CDS): Open CDS is the industry's most comprehensive certification available for Data Scientists and the organizations that employ them and is designed to verify that Data Scientist professionals have the qualities and capabilities required to produce effective analysis of data for the overall improvement of the business

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Open Certified Technical Specialist (Open CTS): Open CTS is designed to verify that professionals have the qualities and skills needed to enable the effective development, implementation, and operation of IT solutions

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Open Certified Trusted Technology Practitioner (Open CTTP): Open CTTP is designed to verify that professionals have the qualities and skills needed to enable the application of effective Trusted Technology security practices, such as those described in the O-TTPS: ISO/IEC 20243


So, what can the Open Professions Program do for you and your company?

Here, Dr Scott Knupp, Global Program Director, IBM Global Technical Sales examines how the Open Professions Program can benefit an individual and their company alike:


Market Recognition

The Open Group Open Professions Program is a well-known and respected certification for practicing Professionals across IT. There have been numerous articles about the value of the program; for example, in recent issues of the Foote report of 22,000 IT professionals covering 170 IT certifications, it suggests that in terms of pay growth, Open CA is the number one "must have" certification.

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Open Professional certification is in strong demand because:
  • Open Professional certification have previously been specified in RFPs for companies in both the private sector and government agencies
  • Companies such as Logica, CA, Capgemini, Shell, John Hancock, CBS, EADS, and Direct Energy have advertised for job roles from within the Open Professions Program
  • There are hundreds of organizations that employ Open Professional certified staff including Accenture, Credit Suisse, DXC Technology, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, Intel, AT&T, Deloitte, HSBC, Nationwide, CA, Direct Energy, IBM, Raytheon, Cisco Systems, Fortis, ING, UPS, Shell, and more

BCS Chartered IT Professional

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All Professions within the Open Professions Program are recognized by BCS as qualification for Chartered IT Professional (CITP). If you are interested in finding out how you could use your Open Professions Certification to fast track CITP, click here.