Complete your Certification

Please note: Exam results are sent from the exam provider to The Open Group. Upon receipt, they are processed, and if accepted as suitable for certification then The Open Group sends you an email with information on how to login to the web certification system at The Open Group to complete the process to become certified. This can take up to 6 business days. The Open Group typically receives your exam result from the exam provider within 2 days of you taking the exam and then needs to process the result. Please note that The Open Group offices are closed on the weekend.

If you have been notified that you need to complete your certification, please use the applicable link below to access the relevant certification program website. After you log in using your username and password for The Open Group, the certification system will guide you through the steps required to achieve certification.

Upon completion of certification, you can use the above links to access a Resource Center that allows you to obtain your certificate, download the certification logos, and control the visibility of your register entry.

Frequently Asked Questions about completing certification

If you have completed your certification and want to check your entry on the public register, please see the Certification Registers page

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