ArchiMate® Tool Certification

ArchiMate Tool Certification

The Open Group Architecture Tool Certification Program includes certification for tools supporting the ArchiMate® Specification, an Open Group Standard. The certification process for tools supporting the ArchiMate Specification assesses whether the tool implements the ArchiMate language correctly.

The Program is based on two documents:

  • Certification Policy
  • Conformance Requirements

Certification Register

How to Apply for ArchiMate Tool Certification

Read the Architecture Tool Certification Policy, ArchiMate Tool Certification Conformance Requirements, the ArchiMate Tool Certification fee schedule, and the combined Certification Agreement and Trademark License Agreement (TMLA).  These documents are all available using the links below.

A prerequisite for Tool Certification is that your organization must have an applicable ArchiMate Commercial License.

  • Download, print, sign and return the combined Certification and Trademark License agreement.
  • Contact The Open Group ArchiMate Certification Authority to confirm your organization in the program.
  • You need to prepare supporting documentation for each Tool you wish to have certified. The supporting documentation can be downloaded from the links below.
  • When you are done, pay the certification fees.
  • Next you must submit the supporting documentation.
  • The Certification Authority will then carry out an audit of the supporting documentation and you will be informed of the result.
  • Once certified the tool will be listed on the register.

Generic Tool Certification Documents

ArchiMate 3 Tool Certification Resources

ArchiMate 2 Tool Certification Resources

 For enquiries please contact The Open Group ArchiMate Certification Authority by email at archimate-cert-auth(at)

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