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UNIX® Certification Program

UNIX® certification provides a vendor-neutral, highly regarded, and global benchmark for identifying open operating systems.

Only systems that are fully compliant and certified according to the Single UNIX Specification are qualified to use the UNIX® trademark.

Advantages of UNIX Certification

The Open Group UNIX standards offer the most stable, portable, and cost-effective applications development environment for a wide range of platforms from mobile devices to mainframes. For end-user enterprises, procuring certified UNIX systems ensures the highest level of availability, scalability, and maintainability for those who want to focus on their business with confidence in their IT.

UNIX certification is a trusted and open system industry standard, ensuring that products conform to the most exacting criteria for portability, compatibility, and global interoperability. This enables buyers to specify UNIX conformance in procurements, facilitates Boundaryless Information Flow™, and enhances the perception of the UNIX system as a consistently stable, flexible, and reliable operating system.

Benefits for Application Developers

  • Guaranteed consistency of services and behavior amongst UNIX® operating system implementations
  • Improved portability
  • Backward-compatibility
  • Faster development through the increased number of standard interfaces
  • More innovation is possible, due to the reduced time spent porting applications

Benefits for Users

  • An evolutionary approach that protects investment in existing systems, data and applications
  • The availability of UNIX systems from multiple suppliers gives users freedom of choice rather thanbeing locked in to a single supplier

More Information

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