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The Open Group Platform Forum

Leading the Development of Open Standards for Operating Systems

The UNIX® standard, a robust open standard, enables software developers to innovate and be agile utilizing a stable platform which offers interoperability, compatibility, and is portable between systems.  

The Platform Forum, through its Base Working Group standardizes the platform infrastructure on which applications can be built. Focus is on open standards for operating systems, including the UNIX® system, POSIX®,  open source operating systems such Linux® and BSD, real-time systems and network computing. The Forum is also the specification authority for The Open Group UNIX certification program.

The Open Group operates a global, vendor-neutral environment where members can network, gain relevant knowledge, grow professionally, and by participating within its Base Work Group lead the ongoing development of The Single UNIX Specification and other standards, best practices and certifications. Our members are shaping the future of open application development and business operations.

We welcome the participation of all who want to influence the direction and effectiveness of the Base Working Group, benefit from early access to specifications, and help us lead the development of industry standards.

Current Activities

A wide spectrum of Forum participants, including commercial, government, and open source interests, are working on:

The Single UNIX Specification
Extending existing specifications, providing new interpretations of the specifications and correcting any identified errors, as well aligning the specifications with the IEEE Portable Operating System Interface (POSIX®) and ISO/IEC standards. Among other platform aspects, the specification encompasses the base operating system environment, networking services, windowing system services, internationalization aspects and programming languages.

Test Suites and Certification Programs
Updating, extending and adapting existing test suites and certification programs to include the expanding specifications and various implementations.


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