Security Forum

A trusted, collaborative environment for both the customer and supply sides of industry, government, and academia, who share a common goal of securely and pragmatically enabling business needs within organizational risk threshold and tolerance in light of achievable and cost-effective technical solutions. 
Who We Are & What We Do
The Open Group Security Forum provides a vendor-neutral environment where Members, who tend to be security and risk generalist practitioners, can obtain relevant knowledge, exert influence, grow professionally, and network with a world-class community of experts and peers. 
Security Forum contributors have the reputation of vigorously but cordially debating hard questions and concepts to establish next-generation risk evaluation and security technology approaches, methods, applications, and best practices. These areas include: 
  • • A Standard, quantitative, information risk framework and taxonomy with supporting resources to enable business by managing and reducing technology-related risks. 

    • A certification program for quantitative risk analysts

    • The intersection of enterprise architecture, security architecture, and risk
  • • Security assurance for business technology operations

    • Clear guidelines to secure the technology environment in an era of increased business agility and competitiveness
  • • Zero Trust Security Architectures to enable Digital Transformation

    • A framework for managing information security and for managing information in the wider context (O-ISM3)

The Security Forum produces general purpose intellectual property: reusable theory, principles, best practices, methods, white papers, guides, and standards to help suppliers and users of technology implement safe, secure, and cost-effective systems. 



Projects & Activities

The Open Group events are for business and technology professionals interested in achieving business objectives through technology standards. The Open Group organizes conferences, member meetings, industry verticals, webinars and podcasts on a wide variety of topics.

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Open FAIR™ Risk Analysis Tool - the function is to perform a quantitative Open FAIR risk analysis as defined in The Open Group Risk Analysis (O-RA) and Risk Taxonomy (O-RT) standards. It is provided in the form of a spreadsheet.  You may download the Beta version of the Open FAIR Risk Analysis Tool under a free, personal, 90-day Evaluation License; and you may then go on to use version 1.0 of the tool when available, internally under a free, perpetual, Corporate License or a free, perpetual, Academic License, if you wish. Alternatively, you may take out an annual Commercial License.

Open FAIR™ Tool with SIPmath™ Distributions: Guide to the Theory of Operation (G181) - additional information about the tool

Open FAIR is gaining significant acceptance among large organizations as a leading risk analysis methodology. The Open Group has published two Open FAIR standards :

These two standards constitute the body of knowledge for The Open Group FAIR Certification Program.

The Open Group FAIR Certification Program

Certification for Individuals

The documents below describe the Open Group FAIR Certification Program.

The Open Group has also published additional risk analysis guidance, which may be useful to risk practitioners, and as additional background for those seeking Open FAIR Foundation certification:

The Open Group Platinum Members