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Reliable tracking of environmental footprint data is a global concern for corporations, governments, and consumers.

Accurate data on emissions, material, and energy consumption is essential for mandatory compliance reporting and meeting transparency demands. It is also key in taking action to avoid, reduce, and offset emissions.

Organizations today face many significant challenges when it comes to managing their environmental footprints, including:

  • • Increasing requirements for reliable environmental disclosure to customers, regulators, and society
  • • Consistency in data measurement, compatibility, and interoperability throughout supply chains
  • • A lack of standards for recording and processing environmental footprint data

The Open Footprint Forum will create a common model for footprint-related data covering all types of emissions, consumptions (e.g., water, land, energy), and base calculations to normalize and aggregate data.

What is the Open Footprint Forum?


Why Join?

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By joining the Open Footprint Forum, your organization will:

  • • Be seen as a leader in the development of open, interoperable environmental footprint measurement standards and solutions benefitting all companies and society at large
  • • Help to drive down the cost of measuring and managing environmental footprint, for your organization and for your supply chain
  • • Ensure that the standards and data platform that will emerge from the Open Footprint initiative will meet your organization’s needs
  • • Gain early access to the emerging standard and data platform
  • • Become part of the environmental footprint data measurement ecosystem

Without the Open Footprint Forum, organizations would resort to acquiring or building incompatible and expensive custom solutions that don’t interoperate throughout their supply chains.

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Being a Member of The Open Group gives organizations early access to the latest information and developments regarding open standards and best practices and enables them to participate in our highly influential Forums and Work Groups. We provide a collaborative, vendor-neutral environment where member representatives can:

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  • • Influence outcomes that benefit their organizations
  • • Grow professionally and enhance their credibility in the industry
  • • Receive education in best practices

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