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The aim of the Work Group is to create standards for the aviation industry in a global, vendor-neutral environment. We will achieve this by creating a better understanding of the global standards, connecting experts, and driving the adoption of a common language. Our expertise spans the research, standardization, and application of models to seize opportunities in a global scaling aviation industry. One of our first products is The Open Group Commercial Aviation Reference Architecture, a standard for the commercial aviation industry covering the following domains:


Product Flight Operations
Sales Revenue Management & Pricing
Marketing & Customer Care Network & Fleet Planning
Support Ground Operations
Maintenance Cargo


The first elements of our Reference Architecture include Business, Application, Data, and Technology Architecture descriptions for each domain and links to existing industry standards.

Commercial Aviation Work Group

Formed by several leading airlines, the Commercial Aviation Work Group will utilize technology standards, new digital technologies, and best business practices to address the business and technical issues related to the Aviation industry. A consensus-based group of customers, the Work Group is relevant to Airlines, Airports, Air Traffic Control, OEMs, Suppliers, Airworthiness Authorities, Technology companies, Operators, Academic researchers, and associated businesses.

Current Members
Aalto University, School of Science and Technology Avios  China Eastern Airlines IAG GBS Sogeti S.A.S
Air China Boeing Data-Harmonizing, LLC Iberia Vueling
Aer Lingus British Airways IAG Level  
Alaska Airlines Capgemini S.A. IAG Cargo Tata Consultancy Services Ltd  
Open Standards

The need is to develop open standards, guidelines, and best practices that are internationally acceptable and solve today’s and future problems. We aim to align with existing industry accepted standards as well as other frameworks. Examples include, but are not limited to:

Key Enablers

Standards are key enablers for the creation of future business structures and lean processes. Throughout the globe, many companies have expanded significant effort mandating and developing their own processes, to create a standards-based approach to service delivery. 

The need is to develop open standards, guidelines, and best practices that are internationally acceptable and solve today and future problems. 

An Extract from the Preliminary Standard of The Open Group Commercial Aviation Reference Architecture Download the Preliminary Standard at 6.6.3 Data Architecture Figure 31 illustrates Business Objects and their relationships.

Figure 31: Data Model of the Flight Operations Domain Figure 31 describes the data entities in the Flight Operations domain. The center of this architecture is the Flight entity, which is directly related to Flight Leg, Crew Rotation, Flight Plan, and Ticket. Other important entities within this domain are the Crew Rotation, Aircraft with the Aircraft Rotation, and the Customer. All business capabilities create information objects around those entities; i.e., a customer can for instance report an entry which consists of a debrief report. Information about the station which represents the home base of the aircraft and the crew member is also described within this Data Architecture.

Commercial Aviation

Many Commercial Aviation and associated businesses are looking to operate smarter, faster, and more cost-efficiently and are looking to use best practice across their portfolio. The Commercial Aviation Work Group provides a vendor-neutral environment for the development of open standards. It utilizes the global reach of The Open Group to build awareness, recognition, and adoption.