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Becoming an Accredited Certification Partner (ACP)

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Getting your Certification Program Accredited

Not only are organizations using The Open Professions Program as a benchmark for quality in their recruitment process and sourcing of third-party suppliers to complete projects, increasingly, some are using The Open Professions Program as the basis of their own professional and career development processes.


This has some key advantages over in-house developed programs:

  • Offsets some the costs and risks associated with developing and operating in-house career development with an already proven program used and recognized by top companies in industry
  • Ensures application of tried and tested industry recognized best practices
  • Helps with the staff recruitment and retention process
  • Sets benchmarks for skills and capabilities against open, global standards
  • Ensures that employees can not only demonstrate an understanding of technology, but can also apply those skills and are professional
  • Allows for the development of individuals towards an industry standard

There is also the opportunity for organizations to become full Accredited Certification Partners (ACPs), and thereby be able to deliver assessments for the Open Professions Program internally.

To find out more about how your organization can utilize The Open Professions Program or to become an Accredited Certification Partner please contact:


The Benefits of becoming an ACP

Here Dr Peter Beijer, Chief Technologist, DXC Technology, discuss the benefits of becoming an ACP.



“There is a widening skills gap for individuals with the appropriate skills and experience. The Open Professions Program provides an assurance to organizations that their staff and potential recruits have the skills and competences and a credible career pathway for individuals to follow. This helps to improve staff retention in these highly competitive spaces.”

James de Raeve

VP and GM India, The Open Group