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Contribution Awards

Recognition for individual contributors to The Open Group Standards, Guides, and Case Studies

The Open Group is pleased to recognize individual contributors to The Open Group Standards, Guides, and Case Studies. Eligible publications are standards, guides, and case studies published in the applicable year.
The program includes:

Awards: Author, Co-Author, Reviewer, Translator, Contributor

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I claim a contribution award badge?
A: Visit the online system (login required), complete the form, selecting the applicable document, and submit evidence of your eligibility for the award.

Q: What evidence needs to be provided with a claim?
A: A screenshot of the page from  frontmatter of the document with your name as an author, co-author, contributor, translator, or reviewer. Typically this is in the Acknowledgements or Participants section for standards, and in the About the Authors and Acknowledgements section for Guides.  The evidence can be uploaded in pdf, png or jpeg format.

Q: What document types are eligible for awards?
A: The Open Group Standards, Preliminary Standards, Standard Snapshots, Guides, and Case Studies are eligible. These have document codes beginning, C, P, S, B,  G, and Y respectively. In addition certification conformance requirements begin with document code X.

Standards (including full, preliminary, snapshot drafts and models) are eligible for the contributor, reviewer, and translator awards.

Certification conformance requirements are eligible for the contributor, reviewer, and translator awards.

Guides and Case Studies are eligible for the author, co-author, contributor, reviewer, and translator awards.

Q: How do I get my certificate ?
A: Your certificate can be downloaded from the Credly platform with the open badge. To do so, select the share option with your Credly Acclaim account, and then save to pdf.

Q: If I am the author/co-author/contributor/reviewer of a document that is translated, am I eligible for a badge for the translated version of the document?
A: Yes.

Q. Why can I not claim an Author award for a standard?
A: The Open Group does not attribute individual named authors to its standards. Instead contributors are recognized in the frontmatter section.

Q: A document includes an acknowledgment to a forum (typically for developing the standard on which the document is based), am I eligible for a badge in this case as a member of the forum?
A: No, only named individuals listed in the frontmatter of the document are eligible, for example those individuals acknowledged for contributions to the development of the document.

Q: Is there a listing of awards that have been issued to individuals?
A: Yes, there is a directory tied to the Open Badges Issued. Please note that individuals listed have elected to have their information public in the Credly Acclaim directory.

Q: What is The Open Group CPE program?
A:  The Open Group Continuing Professional Education program is under development and will be used for maintaining certification within applicable certification programs. In the program individuals are required to earn a number of CPE credits in a period to maintain their status. The  Contribution awards leading to CPE credits are as follows:

  • Author Award = 40 CPE Credits (5 credits for a translation of the original publication)
  • Co-Author Award = 20 CPE credits (5 credits for a translation of the original publication)
  • Contributor Award = 15 CPE credits
  • Translator Award = 10 CPE credits
  • Reviewer Award = 5 CPE credits

Q: Are White Papers included in the program?
A: No, White papers are discussion or position papers and have no formal status. The contribution awards program is focused on the direct ecosystem around The Open Group standards and certifications. There is a separate badge available for nominated white papers, see here for details.

Q: Who can I contact if I have a question about the program or the status of my application for an award?
A: Contact The Open Group Open Badges team, they can be reached via the help center, or email to badges(at)opengroup(dot)org.