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The Open Group ArchiMate Forum provides the open and independent modeling language for enterprise architecture, supported by different tool vendors and consulting firms. Just as an architectural drawing for a building architecture describes the various aspects of the construction and use of a building, the ArchiMate Specification, a Standard of The Open Group, defines a common language for describing the construction and operation of business processes, organizational structures, information flows, IT systems, and technical infrastructure. This insight helps stakeholders to design, assess, and communicate the consequences of decisions and changes within and between these business domains

Within any given company, various domain architectures can be found such as organization, business process, application, information, and technical architectures. Each architecture domain has its own concepts for the modeling and visualization of its internal coherence. These specific models and visualizations simplify communication, discussion, and analysis within the domain.

Participation in the ArchiMate Forum enables you to actively support the use, dissemination, and further development of the ArchiMate Specification. The ArchiMate Forum is open to all Open Group member organizations that apply Enterprise Architecture in practice or support its use and development.

The ArchiMate User Community is open to all practitioners who want to discuss the ArchiMate Specification, not just members of The Open Group.

Introduced in October 2020, the ArchiMate User Community, hosted on Community GitLab, was created to encourage and foster relationships of practitioners around the globe. Whether you are an experienced practitioner or just starting out, there is an opportunity for you to collaborate, mentor, and share models freely.

The growth of the Community is dependent on the involvement of the users. If there is an opportunity, a topic, or even a discussion board dedicated to a specific language, reach out to one of the volunteers to help get you started.

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The ArchiMate Forum Officers host a quarterly members governance session where updates regarding work group activities, publications and certifications are presented quarterly. The Forum primarily conducts these meetings virtually but will usually meet once a year, face-to-face. Sessions are scheduled in the members Plato calendar.

The Open Group events are for business and technology professionals interested in achieving business objectives through technology standards. The Open Group organizes conferences, member meetings, industry verticals, webinars and podcasts on a wide variety of topics.

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