Become an Accredited Training Course Provider

Become an Accredited Training Course Provider

The Open Group Accredited Training Course Providers and their affiliates are professional training organizations with a proven track record of delivering high quality training . To have your Training course accredited, there is a rigorous assessment which assures your course is both comprehensive and meets the stated objectives required.

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IT4IT™ 3 Foundation Certification

Introducing the new IT4IT™ 3 Foundation Certification! Incorporating a Body of Knowledge (BoK) based on the IT4IT Standard, Version 3.0, the latest certification includes new concepts introduced by the updated standard such as the digital product.

In addition, the content and sequence of the IT4IT 3 Foundation Certification has been adapted for practical learning to promote the application of your knowledge and understanding of fundamental concepts.


Open FAIR™ 2 Foundation Certification

Enhance your resumé with the latest advancement of the Open FAIR™ Certification Program, the Open FAIR™ 2 Foundation Certification! The new certification demonstrates your understanding of the core principles of risk analysis using the Open FAIR Body of Knowledge (BoK), Risk Analysis Standard, and the Risk Taxonomy Standard to competently contribute to risk analysis projects.

As part of the enhancements, the examination format has been changed to the more common Foundation examination type which now includes 40 questions (instead of 80) that reflect the content of the latest version of the Open FAIR BoK.


TOGAF® Enterprise Architecture Leader Certification Credential

Ready to blaze your trail? The TOGAF® Enterprise Architecture Leader Certification Credential is here!

This development in the TOGAF Certification Portfolio emphasises best practices and techniques for starting up and enhancing an enterprise’s Enterprise Architecture (EA) capability via a path through the TOGAF Architecture Development Method (ADM). Designed for those who are tasked with establishing or leading an EA team, the TOGAF Enterprise Architecture Leader Certification Credential supports business leaders to develop effective management strategies.

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