Business Architecture Stream

Today, Business Architecture is shaping and fostering enterprise transformation initiatives and continuous improvement throughout companies of all sizes. The need to have competent Business Architects is a high priority in both the developed and emerging markets and the demand for Business Architects currently exceeds the supply.

The Business Architecture stream in The Open Group Certified Architect (Open CA) program looks at the role of the Business Architect and the competencies needed to perform that role.

Getting Started

This certification is experienced based, and the candidate must show that they have previously applied the required skills in practice. The program for Business Architects will start with Level 1 (Certified) and Level 2 (Master) certification. Level 3 (Distinguished) certification is being planned and will be introduced at some point in the future.

The Open CA program requires candidates to submit a comprehensive certification package detailing their skills and experience gained on working on Business Architecture related projects followed by a rigorous peer review process.

You can download conformance requirements for the Business Architecture stream here

You can download the templates for this stream here.

Organizations who want to start to certify their Business Architects though the program should start the process for method recognition of their Business Architecture methodology.

The Recognized Method process is initiated by completing a application form and providing supporting documentation. A form can be obtained by emailing the certification authority at

For more details about the Open CA Business Architecture stream email


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