Denver 2019: Proceedings – DPWG

Digital Practitioners Work Group

Objective of Meeting

The Digital Practitioners Work Group (DPWG) held members-only meetings on Tuesday, July 23 and Wednesday, July 24. The focus of the meetings were to:

  • Progress the The Open Group Certification for People: DPBoK™ Conformance Requirements (Level 1) documents and program
  • Discuss how The Open Group can position potential standards like the DPBoK standard, the Agile Architecture Framework, and the IT4IT™ Reference Architecture to become the open standards base for the digital enterprise
  • Continue work on promotion and adoption of the standard, certification programs and ecosystem opportunities, and initiating open contribution to future versions of the standard


A highlight of the Denver meeting was the launch of the Digital Practitioner Body of Knowledge™ Standard, which was announced on Monday, July 22. Members of the DPWG gave plenary presentations and participated in a panel to discuss the new standard. (Refer to the Plenary Report.)

The members-only meetings on Tuesday and Wednesday covered topics including:

  • Future content for the DPBoK standard
  • Governance for open contributions
  • Marketing the standard and ecosystem, and preparation of overview/executive/introductory material
  • IT4IT model alignment

Note that members of the DPWG also participated in the IT4IT Forum to align direction between the DPBoK standard and future versions of the IT4IT digital operating model. Members also supported the Wednesday “Standards as Code” workshop.


The group has posted a set of recommend CR resolutions on the Conformance Requirements and Program Configuration for the The Open Group Certification for People: DPBoK™ Conformance Requirements (Level 1), and has initiated a ballot to approve these documents.

Next Steps

  • Completion of CR resolution and vote on the Company Review
  • Creation of core Certification Program documents for a DPBoK Certification Program


Minutes and materials for the DPWG meeting are available to members of the Work Group (which is open to all members of The Open Group) here.

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