London 2018: Proceedings - Digital Practitioners Work Group

Digital Practitioners Work Group

Objective of Meeting

The Digital Practitioners Work Group (DPWG) held member-only sessions on Monday and Tuesday with the objectives of making progress on a Snapshot of the Digital Practitioners Body of Knowledge™ (DPBoK), and to further refine our definition of Digital Practice.


There were three major areas of activity during the meetings:

  1. A core concern for the group is developing a concise definition of the term “digital”, noting it is frequently being applied in contexts that do not appear transformative. The group discussed the definition of the term “digital” from several perspectives based on input provided by members, and a draft definition will be circulated.
  2. The group received a presentation on outreach by The Open Group Business Development group.
  3. Finally, we reviewed progress towards the objective of releasing a Snapshot of the DPBoK at the Houston conference in July, and assigned work items to progress this.


Members concluded that while work is needed, we are generally on track towards publication of the Snapshot.

Next Steps

Various members of the DPWG have actions to contribute material to the DPBoK and to review and edit existing material. The next major steps will be to freeze content in early June with a target of publishing at the Houston event.


Minutes of the DPWG meeting are available to members of the Work Group (which is open to all members of The Open Group) here.

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