London 2018: Proceedings - Government EA Work Group

Government Enterprise Architecture Work Group

Monday, April 16

Objective of Meeting

The objective of the meeting was to make further progress in understanding the needs of the Government EA community, and start to progress deliverables from the group.


There was agreement that EA in the Government sector can have huge implications and a positive impact in the entire ecosystem comprising government entities, vendors, training providers, and academic institutions. Specific challenges for EA in Government were discussed. Attendees were encouraged to review the draft Guide to Government EA, and provide comments.

The group agreed to look at NASCIO in terms of how they propagate standards and best practices.

It was agreed that messaging is an issue; IT is “old”, whereas “Digital” and “Transformation” are newer/more fashionable.

There was an observation that EA maturity is very different across countries, and that perhaps this Work Group should be regionally organized, so that people in different regions can work on activities that have practical value.

There are more similarities than differences among Governments and EA. It would really help if we could use the TOGAF® standard to focus on how to apply the framework and how to do partitioning. What is needed is how to apply things in a complex environment, and to enable first steps to be taken. A focus on capability planning and modeling the “what” (Motivation in the ArchiMate® standard) at a high level is what Governments most need.

An objective for this Work Group is to increase the odds of success for EA initiatives in Government, and reduce the risks. Also, to help accelerate EA efforts. This will be added to the charter (Jim), and into the messaging document (Pallab).


The following are priority deliverables from the Work Group:

  • Ministerial Briefing on Government EA:


    • In document format, no more than 12-15 pages
    • In presentation format, no more than 18-22 slides
  • Metaframework to help them get started:
    • Generic to have wide applicability
    • ArchiMate Government Profile (Notations, Labels, and Inter-relationships suitably adopted for applicability)

Next Steps

  • Resend the link to the starter Guide paper and encourage timely review
  • The group agreed that having both public meetings for non-members, as well as member meetings at upcoming regional events in Peru, Brazil, and elsewhere will be helpful



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