London 2018: Proceedings - Open Process Automation Forum

Open Process Automation™ Forum

Wednesday, April 18 & Thursday, April 19

Objective of Meetings

The Forum held two full days of member meetings. The objectives of the meetings were to advance the work of the Forum, especially those of the Business and the Technology Work Groups (WG). The Enterprise Architecture WG also held joint meetings with the Business and the Technology WGs. The Standards Body Interface WG did not meet.

The Business WG objectives included:

  • Progress work on the Forum’s Development of a Conformance Certification Program for the initial release of the Open Process Automation Standard of Standards (O-PAS™)
  • Ongoing review and formalization of the Marketing & Outreach plans
  • Advance work on the proposed Procurement Guide

The Technology WG objectives included:

  • With the first Technical Reference Model Snapshot under formal Forum review for publication, determine the “next steps” and timing to issuing the first version of the O-PAS specification
  • Review and advance the work of the various Technical Sub-Committees (SC)

The Enterprise Architecture WG objectives included:

  • Meet with both the Business and the Technology WGs to advance joint and coordinated work on use-cases and requirements
  • Finalize voting on the publication of the Requirements White Paper


Each of the Forum WGs held multiple breakout sessions to advance their own work.

The Business WG:

  • Held two Forum-wide and other Business WG sessions to advance the work of the Conformance SC
  • Continued to review the draft content of the Open Process Automation Procurement Guide
  • Reviewed and updated Marketing & Outreach plans, including meetings with The Open Group PR firm, HotWire

The Technology WG:

  • Reviewed current status to determine the path forward in the development of the O-PAS
  • Held breakout meetings of the various Technology SCs
  • Had a presentations on various existing standards and technologies under consideration for the O-PAS, including PLCopen, IOTech on EdgeX and EdgeXRT,  ZVEI on MTP
  • There was also a presentation by Lockheed Martin and ExxonMobil on the status of the ongoing proof-of-concept

The Enterprise Architecture WG:

  • Held joint individual meetings with the Business and Technology WGs to coordinate the process by which requirements would be captured and processed
  • Reviewed Business and Technology requirements with each of the WGs


Each WG advanced their agendas on various work items on their roadmaps.

Next Steps

There is a Technical WG face-to-face meeting, hosted by Yokogawa, at their offices in Carrollton, Texas, scheduled for May 22 through 24.

To attempt to increase end-user participation, a workshop was proposed to focus on reviewing the use-caes and requirements sometime before early June.

Weekly WebEx meetings will continue to advance the work of the Forum, its WGs, and SCs.


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