London 2018: Proceedings - IT4IT Forum

Open Session: IT4IT™ Scenario Builder Workshop

Monday, April 16, 2:30 – 5:30

Objective of Meeting

The objective of this workshop was to address market demand for more guidance from the IT4IT Forum on how to use the IT4IT standard to help solve real-world use-case scenarios.


Workshop leaders Stephanie Ramsay of Raytheon and Christian Verstraete of DXC showed how they solved and documented Verstraete’s Cloud Service Brokering use-case scenario and Ramsay’s Seamless Service Delivery use-case scenario as an example for workshop participants. Then they led workshop participants to list one or more of their most urgent use-case scenarios from their own organization on a sticky note. Next, those use-case sticky notes were compiled and consolidated into over nine categories and the workshop participants voted on the top two most compelling categories. After this, the participants divided into two breakout groups to discuss and document a solution for one common use-case in their chosen category. Finally, a volunteer from each breakout group reported out to the full group of participants on the details of their high-level solution using the IT4IT Reference Architecture to resolve the use-case scenario.


The two breakout sessions from the workshop produced:

  • An outline of two common use-case scenarios documented at a high level showing how to solve it using which parts of the IT4IT standard
  • A list of over 25 use-cases that the participants felt would be valuable to document at a later date

Next Steps

Each of the two workshop leaders committed to complete the documentation of the two use-case solution outlines into a full IT4IT Use-Case Scenario document for future publication by The Open Group.

The Chair of the IT4IT Forum Guidance standing work group took the full list of over 25 use-cases that the workshop participants volunteered and committed to enter them into the backlog for the IT4IT Forum Guidance work group to document at a future date.

The Chair of the IT4IT Forum Guidance standing work group will pursue volunteers to complete the documentation of one or more of the 25 donated use-case scenarios for future publication by The Open Group.


The presentation used to lead this session is posted on the IT4IT Forum members' collaboration site (members only).

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