Paris 2016: Proceedings - Architecture Forum

Architecture Forum Members' Meetings (2/4):
Working Session: TOGAF® Company Review Change Requests

Tuesday, October 25, 9:00 am – 5:30 pm

Objective of Meeting

The meeting objective was to review the status of the TOGAF Company Review, to identify concerns, issues, and potential risks, and to propose alternatives to make the process more efficient.

Also the meeting aimed to discuss high-impact topics concerning the change requests submitted, trying to define some agreements and resolutions to particular change requests based on that assessment.


The meeting started with a presentation delivered by the Forum Director about the Company Review to provide some context regarding the process, to present numbers showing the status of the review, and to discuss the main concerns, issues, and risks of the whole process. (See Links below.)

After the presentation and assessment was made regarding the major issues we are facing in the Company Review process and how to overcome them, and a series of actions were identified to speed up the process and make it more efficient. Certain rules and principles were also defined to have more members engaged in the process.

The second part of the meeting was focused in the analysis of key topics to consider and the group agreed to discuss the Information Architecture topic.

A general discussion took place and several proposals were defined for change requests connected with this topic. These proposals will be ratified by the Forum membership (see the detailed minutes under Links below).


  • A set of specific actions and activities to improve and speed up the Company Review process.
  • Specific proposals about the Information Architecture topic and the related change requests.
  • Detailed preliminary Proposed Resolutions for a set of change requests related to the Information Architecture topic. Details can be found under Links below (the proposed resolutions spreadsheet).

Next Steps

  • To comply with the immediate actions defined to improve and speed up the Company Review process.
  • To continue with the Proposed Resolution process for the change requests following the approach defined.


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