Paris 2016: Proceedings - IT4IT Forum

IT4IT™ Forum Members' Meeting

Objective of Meeting

The IT4IT Forum has been established by enterprise customers, IT service providers, and tools vendors to help IT departments address the strategic challenges brought about by the changing IT landscape. It will create and drive the adoption of the IT4IT standard to provide a vendor-neutral Reference Architecture that supports management and execution across the IT Value Chain. The Reference Architecture will enable the provision of data-driven insights that help IT organizations focus on business outcomes while delivering solutions faster and with reduced cost and risk.

The primary purpose of the meeting was to further the work of the Forum.


The meeting consisted of a series of plenary Forum meetings, primarily focussed on future strategy.

The Forum reviewed the draft of Version 2.1 of the IT4IT Reference Architecture which is about to go into formal Company Review, with the aim to publish it at or before the next event in San Francisco in January/February 2017. The Company Review draft has been approved by the Forum and is in the process of being prepared for the review to commence in mid-November.

There were discussion sessions on the various strategic issues concerning the future direction of the Forum.

There has been a continued increase in participation in the Forum. In total, there are now over 65 companies and over 375 individuals participating in the Forum.

Next Steps

The focus up until the San Francisco event will be on the completion of Version 2.1 of the standard, together with planning for the next revision after that.

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