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San Diego 2018: Proceedings - Government Enterprise Architecture

Government Enterprise Architecture Work Group

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Objective of Meeting

The objective of the San Diego meeting was to further discussions to create a Work Group focused on the needs of Enterprise Architecture (EA) practitioners and other stakeholders in government EA.


The meeting attendees used the time in San Diego to conduct a review and edit pass at a Point of View document produced by Pallab Saha. Many very useful edits were made, and the plan is to circulate it to all group members via email for additional edit suggestions. The document will be used for marketing purposes to promote the group on social media.


A next version of the Point of View document has been produced, and will be shared with all group members via email.

Next Steps

Upon completion of the edits from the Work Group, the Point of View document will be shared with Open Group Marketing for review and approval, and then for sharing via social media.