San Francisco 2017: Proceedings - IT4IT Forum (Work Groups)

IT4IT™ Forum Members’ Meetings:
Work Group Kick-off Sessions

Objective of Meeting

The objective of these sessions was to kick off the following Work Groups, and to present the Charters to members to provide their comments and requests for improvement.

  • Support Activities Work Group
  • Business Value of IT4IT Work Group
  • Interoperability & Tool Certification Work Group
  • Vertical Service Model Work Group


Each Work Group Chair used the provided template to produce and present the Charter for each Work Group and covered the following areas:

  • Goal and scope
  • Overview of key deliverables
  • Benefits and value
  • High-level plan/approach
  • Required resources (estimated)
  • Dependencies

Support Activities Work Group

(Tuesday, January 31, 16:30 – 17:30)

Chair: Rob Akershoek, Logicalis SMC (also IT4IT Forum Chair)

IT4IT Chair Rob Akershoek has also volunteered to be the Chair and creator of this Work Group. In his role at Logicalis SMC, he has customers who are specifically concerned with getting better guidance on IT Governance, Risk, and Compliance among other IT4IT Support Activities, hence his passion and leadership on the subject. The IT4IT Support Activities identified in the IT4IT Reference Architecture Standard Version 2.1 are:

  • Finance and Assets
  • Sourcing and Vendor
  • Intelligence and Reporting
  • Resource and Project
  • Governance, Risk, and Compliance

Members present gave feedback to Rob on the scope and high-level plan approach, but generally agreed with the direction presented.

A few members volunteered to participate as contributors to this Work Group.

Business Value of IT4IT Work Group

(Wednesday, February 1, 11:00 – 12:40)

Chair: William (Bill) Cathcart, IBM

Members suggested and Chair Bill agreed to focus Phase One of this work on the “Why to Buy” and produce a Stakeholder Map for each likely IT4IT adopter persona as well as crafting a key message per stakeholder.

Interoperability & Tool Certification Work Group

(Wednesday, February 1, 14:00 – 15:00)

Chair: Karel van Zeeland, Logicalis SMC

Members suggested that Karel limit the scope of this broad Work Group to initially focus on the following:

  1. Describe the end-points for each functional component relationship (which are where integrations occur)
  2. Define and specify the key mandatory data moving across each end-point
  3. Publish case studies and example integrations

Vertical Service Model Work Group

Wednesday, February 1, 15:30 – 17:30)

Chair: Lars Rossen, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Lars said the general focus of the Vertical Service Work Group would be to restructure and expand the IT4IT Reference Architecture to address a layered delivery model, to update the R2D and R2F value streams, and to add functional components to better manage the supply layer.

Next Steps

The Work Group Chairs plan to host the first virtual meetings in the weeks following the San Francisco Open Group event. The proposal is to hold the meetings for two hours every two weeks. The meeting invitations will be visible to members of The Open Group IT4IT Forum who log in to the IT4IT Forum Collaboration site. Each Work Group entry is listed in the left-hand navigation column from where the Calendar of Events is visible.

For the Support Activities Work Group, log in to the IT4IT Forum Collaboration site and click on the Support Activities Work Group entry.

For the Business Value of IT4IT Work Group, log in to the IT4IT Forum Collaboration site and click on the Business Value of IT4IT Work Group entry.

For the Interoperability & Tool Certification Work Group, log in to the IT4IT Forum Collaboration site and click on the Interoperability & Tool Certification Work Group entry.

For the Vertical Service Model Work Group, log in to the IT4IT Forum Collaboration site and click on the Vertical Service Model Work Groupentry.


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