Scottsdale 2019: Proceedings - Digital Practitioners

Digital Practitioners Work Group

Objective of Meeting

The Digital Practitioners Work Group (DPWG) held a members-only meeting on Wednesday, January 30. The focus of the meeting was to:

  • Review status and make progress towards a version of the Digital Practitioner Body of Knowledge™ (DPBoK™) that can be released as a Standard in July 2019
  • Ensure continued alignment with the Agile Architecture Framework (AAF)
  • Lay the groundwork for ecosystem development, conformance approaches, and profession framework opportunities


The group reviewed progress to date and the path “from Snapshot to Standard”, including a preliminary assessment of what issues would or would not be addressed in the release. We also had a presentation from members of the Agile Architecture Framework and identified points of alignment between the AAF and DPBoK, noting that the AAF methodology aligns very well with the capabilities described in the DPBoK.

In the afternoon, the group was joined by representatives of training organizations for a discussion of opportunities for development of training materials and a certification program.


A major milestone of this meeting was the publication of Snapshot 2 of the Digital Practitioner Body of Knowledge, now published in The Open Group Library as Doc. No. S191. Key content changes in this Snapshot include addition of key learning outcomes and alignment with AAF principles. The publication was announced during the Digital in Practice track in the Plenary on Monday, January 28, in the presentation “Building a Body of Knowledge for Digital Practitioners”, by Venkat Nambiyur.

Next Steps

The group agreed to continue of the plan to put the next version of the document into Company Review in mid-2Q with an objective of publishing a Standard in 3Q.


Minutes and materials for the DPWG meeting are available to members of the Work Group (which is open to all members of The Open Group)

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