Amsterdam 2017: Proceedings - Open Process Automation

Open Process Automation™ Forum

Wednesday, October 25 & Thursday, October 26

Objective of Meeting

The Forum held two full days of member meetings. The objectives of the meetings were to advance the work of the Forum, especially those of the Business and Technology Work Groups (WGs). The Enterprise Architecture WG also held joint meetings with the Business and Technology WGs. The Standards Body Interface WG did not meet.

At the Forum level, the initial session was open to the public, where the Forum Co-chairs and WG Co-chairs provided overview updates on the state of the Forum and its activities.

Joint meetings we held with European focused Industry representatives from the User Association of Automation Technology in Process Industries (NAMUR) and the German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association (ZVEI).

In addition, a joint meeting was held with the Open Platform 3.0™ Forum to discuss potential collaboration between the Forums.

The Business WG objectives included:

  • Progress work on the Forum’s first deliverable: Business Guide
  • Review and formalizing the Marketing & Outreach plans
  • Initialize activity and plans for conformance to the Forum standard(s) once published

The Technology WG objectives included:

  • Review and advance the development of the Technical Architecture Reference Model
  • Review and advance the work of the various Technical Sub-Committees (SCs)

The Architecture WG objectives included:

  • Meet with both the Business and the Technology WGs to advance joint and coordinated work on requirements


Each of the Forum WGs held multiple breakout sessions to advance their own work.

The Business WG:

  • Continued to review the draft content of the Open Process Automation Business Guide
  • Reviewed and updated Marketing & Outreach plans, including tentative plans to hold the next face-to-face meeting of the Forum co-located with the ARC Forum in Orlando, Florida in mid-February
  • Planned for face-to-face meeting of the Conformance SC at The Open Group San Diego Event at the end of January, 2108

The TechnologyWG:

  • Reviewed the latest set of comments on the Technology Architecture Reference Model draft (Working Draft Version 05)
  • Held breakout meetings of the various Technology SCs, including:
    • Connectivity Framework SC
    • Systems and Network Management SC
    • Physical Platform SC
  • Had presentations on various existing standards under consideration for the Open Process Automation Standard of Standards

The Architecture WG held joint individual meetings with the Business and Technology WGs to review Business and Technology requirements. The Architecture WG will coordinate the process by which requirements are captured and processed.


Each WG advanced their agendas on various work items on their roadmaps.

Next Steps

There will be a Technical WG face-to-face meeting, hosted by Yokogawa, at their offices in Carrollton, Texas, scheduled for November 14 and 15.

Weekly WebEx meetings will continue to advance the work of the Forum, its WGs, and SCs.


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