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Portfolio of Digital Open Standards

While all standards of The Open Group can be adopted and used independently, the greatest value for an organization can be derived when they are used in unison – the sum of the parts should be greater than the whole.

To enable this synergy between standards, The Open Group members have collaborated to create the Portfolio of Digital Open Standards – a collection of standards and guides, together with a glossary of terms and roles, that can be best used together to accelerate the adoption of digital practices across an organization, facilitating sustainable and enduring change.

Whether your organization is an established enterprise, looking for Digital Transformation, or an entrepreneurial start-up looking to exploit a digital model from day one, the Portfolio of Digital Open Standards provides thought-leading guidance, no matter what your entry point to competing in the digital economy.

The Portfolio of Digital Open Standards provides a visual, cross-linked navigation between the Standards and supports search facilities to find a more immediate solution to your problems

The Open group

As an enterprise grows, its organizational structure inevitably becomes more sophisticated and complex. Over time, when not managed properly, this can lead to departmental stove piping and create structural overhead that is detrimental to responding to market changes and lead to competitive disadvantage and stagnation.

By taking a lean approach, The Portfolio of Digital Open Standards:

  • Firstly, helps an organization identify where it is on its journey from start-up to enduring enterprise
  • Secondly, identifies and implements only the essential activities and processes required at each stage as it grows
  • Thirdly, establishes agility, and ensures it remains agile throughout each stage of its evolution
  • And lastly, makes the necessary changes to better exploit digital practices
The Open Group

Here is a sample of just some of the publications The Open Group has created in support of The Portfolio of Digital Open Standards. Full versions and more can be found in The Open Group Library, here.


The Open Group

Knowledge-Based Certification

The Open Group provides market-driven education and certification programs to ensure that individuals have knowledge and understanding of our vendor-neutral, open standards.

Achieving certification in the Digital Practioner Body of KnowledgeTM, the IT4IT Reference ArchitectureTM, Open Agile ArchitectureTM, and the TOGAF Standard®recognizes you as an authority in the principles defined in The Digital Portfolio of Open Standards, and will give you a head start in this highly competive and rapidly growing area. You may also be eligible for a Role-Based Badge to evidence this broader knowledge.

These certification programs increase the job and salary prospects for candidates and provide confidence to employers and prospective employers, so practitioners can evidence they have the skills required, and recruiters can take the guess work out of the recruitment process – all backed up by our open badges program.

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