Knotion Consulting (Pty) Ltd is a leading South African-based consulting and training house specializing in Enterprise Architecture and Service Oriented Architecture. Recognizing the key role of TOGAF™ in shaping Enterprise Architecture standards, Knotion offers both TOGAF™ Consulting services and Certified Training to both the local and international markets at highly competitive rates.

Our Passion

Knotion is passionate about Enterprise Architecture and the necessity of our clients being able to adopt sound EA principles in order to guarantee their future sustainability and ease of change. We are heavily focused on continual research and development within the EA and SOA domain to give both our clients and trainees the best exposure to leading thinking within the space.

TOGAF™ 9 Certification Course

The Open Group® Architecture Framework (TOGAF™) is accepted as the de facto international certification for Architects at all levels. The Knotion TOGAF™ 9 course prepares delegates for certification against the current best practice as understood by Architects worldwide and documented under The Open Group’s Architecture Framework. The opportunity to obtain this certification is also included in the course. Our qualified and seasoned enterprise architects offer courses heavily loaded with actual industry examples in order to help attendees gain a better understanding of the Enterprise Architecture discipline.

Furthermore we offer additional courses that help our clients bridge the gap between TOGAF™ certification and actual implementation. These course run across further theory as well as practical application and ultimately in a client side mentoring program. This approach facilitates the maturing of your EA practice and capability based upon an EA roadmap and strategy.

Scope of the Training

TOGAF 9 Level 1 and 2

The training is conducted over 5 consecutive days. It works through the TOGAF™ 9 Level 1 and 2 material that can be downloaded at On the 5th day an online test examines the delegates’, level 1 and level 2, understanding of the Architecture body of knowledge and assuming sufficient understanding is demonstrated the delegate will be certified with the "TOGAF™ Level 2 Certified" certification.


TOGAF 9 Level 1 and 2 - Course Details

Duration: 5 days
Location: Currently Courses are offered in various locations around South Africa and Australia. With sufficient interest we will consider providing facilitated training in Europe and North America.
Format: Instructor-based with exercises (Instruction provided by qualified, experienced enterprise architects).
Target Audience: Architects or those desiring to better understand the Architecture discipline. The course covers all facets of the Architecture Development Method and Framework and as such all types of Architects will benefit from the course. Both Business and Technical.
Certification: Internationally recognized "TOGAF™ Level 2 Certified" Certificate from The Open Group. (Assuming delegate demonstrated sufficient understanding).

TOGAF™ 8 to TOGAF™ 9 Bridging

Knotion also offers TOGAF™ 8 to TOGAF™ 9 bridging for those who are currently TOGAF 8 certified and want to enhance their certification.

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Professional Services

In addition to offering world-class TOGAF™ 9 Certified Training, Knotion Consulting is also a registered TOGAF™ Professional Services Provider. We offer skilled architectural services across the various domains of enterprise architecture (Business, Information, Data, Application and Technology) as well as tool support and implementation of Systems Architect, Aris and IBM Rational Software.

Our consulting efforts cover two key areas:

  • Developing and maturing the EA and SOA practice in your organization
  • Developing and maturing your organization through the use of an EA framework.
The two efforts above concentrate first on getting your EA house in order and second on using this engine to become a more efficient enabler of your business and operations strategy. For successful and mature EA organizations, both of these are required.

Contact us at the details below to arrange an initial session to discuss your requirements.

TOGAF™ 9 Level 1 and 2 Training & Certification  
The Knotion TOGAF 9 course prepares delegates for certification against the current best practice as understood by Architects worldwide and documented under The Open Group's Architecture Framework.
TOGAF™ 8 to TOGAF™ 9 Bridging  
Convert your TOGAF™ 8 Certification and knowledge to TOGAF™ 9 Level 2 and begin to leverage the enhancements.
Advanced Enterprise Architecture Training  
Focusing on EA Engagement Methodology, this course focuses on proficiency in managing EA programs.
Applied Enterprise Architecture Training  
Apply EA concepts through a class-wide architecture project that develops an integrated set of EA artefacts using everyday scenarios.
Other Training on Offer:  
ArchiMate® Training - an open and independent modelling language for EA
Project Management and EA
Change Management and EA
Developing the Systemic Organization using EA
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The Open Group® Accreditation

Knotion's TOGAF™ 9 Certification Course and TOGAF™ 8 to TOGAF™ 9 Bridging course are Accredited TOGAF™ 9 Training Courses and comply with the accreditation requirements for The Open Group TOGAF™ Certification for People program.
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TOGAF™ is a trademark, and The Open Group® is a registered trademark of The Open Group in the United States and other countries.