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Amsterdam 2019: Proceedings - Architecture

Architecture Forum:
Implementation of the BIAN Financial Reference Model Using the TOGAF® Standard and the ArchiMate® Modeling Notation

Tuesday,  November 5, 4:00 – 5:30 pm

Objective of Meeting

The main goal of the meeting was to present and discuss the Archibank Banking Case Study and capture feedback from attendees. This is a fictitious example developed to illustrate the use of the BIAN Reference Model, ArchiMate modeling notation, and the TOGAF framework.


The meeting started with a presentation delivered by Patrick Derde and Maurice Alaerts. The fictitious case study was presented and also the model delivered in the ArchiMate modeling notation. The Case Study follows in detail the TOGAF ADM and how it can be used in a BIAN-based implementation.

Several comments were received from attendees in relation to the value and practical application of the case. Even though the case and model have already been published, the activity is ongoing so there is room to improve the mapping and there is a case for further evolution.


  • Approach and next steps for practical application of the TOGAF Standard in a financial vertical
  • List of actions to be taken to address the comments and enrich the activity approach and pursue more participation and feedback

Next Steps

  • Follow up on the agreed actions defined in the session
  • Continue with the activity according to the activity roadmap