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Amsterdam 2019: Proceedings - ArchiMate

ArchiMate® Forum Members' Meeting

Tuesday, November 5

Objective of Meeting

The primary focus of the meeting was to review the current topics and matters of the Forum as well as the version release of the Standard. For the leaders of the Work Groups, they were tasked with presenting project reports to the members in attendance to receive feedback for the quarter ahead.


The following topics were covered during the meeting:

  • Introductions and welcome message
  • Review and approval of the Q2 2019 meeting minutes and actions
  • Forum Vision & Strategy – wrap up from the work-in-progress, and questions from attendees were clarified
  • Work Group presentations from those received and were able to be presented

The following material will be reviewed by members offline:

  • Business report presentations: membership numbers and Certification program numbers
  • A report about the new ArchiMate 3.1 Specification release activities
  • The joint activity project reports: ArchiMate and TOGAF® harmonization and IT4IT™ and ArchiMate harmonization
  • The Coronado activity report
  • The ArchiMate Financial Reference Models activity report
  • Planning for the San Antonio members' meeting


See the meeting minutes published on the ArchiMate main site (see Links).

Next Steps

  • Comply with the actions and consent items that will be proposed offline
  • Take the proper actions to move forward with the Forum vision and strategy
  • Support the current ongoing activities
  • Planning for the San Antonio members' meeting