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Amsterdam 2019: Proceedings - Digital Practitioners

Digital Practitioners Work Group Members' Meetings

Monday, November 4 and Tuesday, November 5

Objective of Meetings

The objective of the meeting on Monday was to discuss the future direction of the Digital Practitioner Body of Knowledge™ (DPBoK™) Certification Program, and next steps for Version 2.0 of the DPBoK Standard.

The objective of the meeting on Tuesday was to review marketing and promotion plans, and discuss a Framework for Digital Standards of The Open Group, including any implications for DPBoK and the IT4IT™ and Architecture standards.


On Monday, a Certification Program for the the DPBoK Standard was launched during the Plenary session. This program is based on knowledge and understanding of the DPBoK Standard. The DPWG had a discussion and information sharing session with a number of subject matter experts on the future direction of the certification program, including best practices, how additional certification levels could be structured, and what proficiency could/should be evaluated at each level of certification.

The DPWG also confirmed they will prioritize a Level 2 Certification Program over content evolution of the DPBoK Standard, Version 2.0.  

On Tuesday, the group first had an information sharing session with members of the DPWG and Marketing Team, discussing how to position digital standards in a market with varying stakeholders. David Lounsbury, CTO of The Open Group, then presented an overview of a Digital Standards Framework (see Links below) to members of the DPWG, IT4IT Forum, and Agile Architecture Framework™ Work Group, with follow-on discussion among the attendees.

Next Steps

There were no formal agreed next steps, other than to continue Certification Level 2 Planning at the next DPWG quarterly meeting. The group also concluded that the Community Open Source Edition of the DPBoK will be a source of potential new content to include in a future "authorized" distribution of the DPBoK Standard. The mechanism and frequency for evaluating and accepting open source feedback will also be discussed further at the next meeting.

Given the interest expressed in the Q&A sessions, there will be continued informal communications as needed between the DPWG, IT4IT Forum, and Agile Architecture Framework Work Group. A follow-on joint working session is planned for the next DPWG quarterly meeting.