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The Open Group Architecture Forum

Delivering business value through architecture ecosystems

The Open Group Architecture Forum membership is comprised of more than 200 enterprises and is the premier global environment for fostering the development and delivery of robust Enterprise Architecture (EA) ecosystems. Members have early access to relevant knowledge, and are able to influence and lead the development of EA standards and best practices. The Forum provides an active vendor-neutral environment for users and vendors to learn about and develop EA standards that align with business objectives and deliver greater value.

The mission of The Open Group Architecture Forum is to advance The Open Group vision of Boundaryless Information Flow™, for and between enterprises, through a set of programs that focus on all architectural aspects of this objective. These include:

  • Providing broad and deep leadership to the EA community
  • Validating, publishing, fostering, and maintaining best practices for EA
  • Developing, organizing, researching, and publishing thought leaders in EA
  • Initiating and managing programs and projects to support these activities

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