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Associate Data Scientist

Take Your First Step in Becoming a Professional Data Scientist

The Open Group Open Associate Data Scientist credential allows individuals who have built skills through the application of learning in education or training settings to demonstrate career readiness. There is value to new data science practitioners in having independent professional recognition to complement their academic qualifications as they enter the job market to give prospective employers confidence in their practical experience.

If you are a student, trainee, or career changer, this credential allows you to demonstrate your applied education to employers. It also provides employers with an objective indication of your job readiness and potential career trajectory.

Our new Open Associate Data Scientist credential can be earned by anyone who has hands on data science experience, for example through a capstone or final project. We would expect that the capstone or final project would include:

  • Problem Definition & Contextualization
  • Data Exploration & Investigation
  • Data Processing & Readiness
  • Algorithm(s) & Modeling
  • Testing & Validation

The credential requires hands on experience in an academic or industrial training setting but does not require completed professional projects or an incremental exam.


Associate Certified Data Scientist badge

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For further information on how to apply, contact the Certification Authority.