Online Proctored Exams (OnVUE)

Most of The Open Group Certification exams are available to take at home or at the office with OnVUE Online Proctoring from Pearson VUE (see FAQs for specific excluded countries)

Your Convenience

With Online Proctoring, candidates who would need to travel can now save money and time by taking their Certification Exams at home or at the office.

Secure Testing
Online Proctoring maintains the same security features that Pearson VUE Test Centers are known for. You take your exam while being monitored through your web camera by a verified Pearson VUE Proctor.

What Exams are available for Online Proctored Delivery? 

Online Proctored Delivery is available for the following exams:

  • OGA-031 ArchiMate 3 Part 1
  • OGA-032 ArchiMate 3 Part 2
  • OGD-001 DPBOK Part 1
  • OG0-061 IT4IT Part 1 
  • OG0-041 Open FAIR Part 1
  • OG0-091 TOGAF 9 Part 1
  • OG0-092 TOGAF 9 Part 2
  • OG0-093 TOGAF 9 Combined Part 1 and Part 2 (English)
  • OG0-093-ESL TOGAF 9 Combined Part 1 and Part 2 (ESL)
  • OGB-001 TOGAF Business Architecture Part 1
  • OG0-F91 TOGAF 9 Part 1 (French)
  • OG0-S91TOGAF 9 Part 1 (Latin American Spanish)
  • OG0-094 TOGAF 9 Part 1 (Brazilian Portuguese)
  • OG0-F92 TOGAF 9 Part 2 (French)
  • OG0-S92 TOGAF 9 Part 2 (Latin American Spanish)
  • OG0-095 TOGAF 9 Part 2 (Brazilian Portuguese)

How To Get Started?

Visit the Pearson VUE OnVUE page


















        Please check your appointment time, noting that in the online booking system 12:00 AM is midnight

        Known issue booking two consecutive exams with OnVUE.
        When registering for two consecutive exams (for example a Part 1 exam followed by a Part 2 exam) for an OnVUE (online proctored) exam, you may get returned to The Open Group site with an error return (ERROR) before the available dates page is displayed. This is a known issue with the Pearson VUE registration system, that has been reported to them. The workaround is to book the exams separately. Please note that combined exams are a single exam and not impacted by this issue.

        Here are a few tips you should know before you sit for your OnVUE online proctored exam:

        • Your computer needs a webcam, microphone, and sufficient internet speed to satisfy system requirements
        • These exams are taken seriously, so please prepare your room as if it was a live test center
        • The exam must be taken in a walled room, with a closed door and without distractions; this also means that if there are others in your home/office, they must not interrupt you during your exam
        • Do not leave the room during your exam; your exam will be terminated
        • To secure the integrity of these exams, no breaks will be allowed during the entirety of your exam

        All communication with the proctor is done in English.
        Please note that availability is subject to Pearson VUE policies.
        For information on ESL see here.

        OnVUE FAQs

        Q: What countries participate in OnVUE?
        A. OnVUE online proctored delivery provided by Pearson VUE is available in most countries, with the exception of China, Japan, Slovenia, South Korea. Please note that greeter support, proctor support, and the proctoring software are currently only available in English.
        Q. How do I know if OnVUE test delivery is right for me?
        A. Start by ensuring that your computer meets our requirements by completing the required system test and exam simulation. Read about what to expect regarding testing session protocol. If you have any doubts or reservations, we recommend that you schedule your exam at a test center.
        Q. Can I still take my exam via OnVUE if my system does not pass the system test?
        A. No. You should not register for OnVUE delivery if your system does not pass the system test.
        Q. How do I register for an OnVUE test?
        A. To register, select the exam you wish to take from the exam list, and then select the Schedule exam button. If online proctored delivery is available in your country, you will be able to select that delivery option during the exam registration process. A registration tutorial is available here.
        Q. Are all tests available to be taken using OnVUE?
        A. No. Test delivery options are available during the test registration process. If the test you are registering for is available via OnVUE, you will have the option to register to take the test at either a test center or by online proctoring.
        Q. After my exam has launched and I am assigned a proctor, how long do I have to complete the exam?
        A. You will have the same amount of time to complete the exam as you would when taking the exam at a Pearson VUE test center.
        Q. Are the exams delivered via OnVUE more difficult than exams delivered at test centers?
        A. No. The exams are identical.
        Q. Are there any differences between taking an exam via OnVUE and taking an exam at a Pearson VUE test center?
        A. No. Please note that the proctoring software, greeter support, and proctor support are only available in English.
        Q: What is the advice for the best times to schedule an online proctored exam?
        A:  Be flexible and plan ahead to secure your desired exam slot. Pick a time where your home or office environment poses minimal possibilities of disruptions and distractions (family needs, Wi-Fi usage, etc.). Weekends tend to be a popular choice for testing and can also result in a longer waiting period before a Pearson VUE greeter can start the online check-in process.
        Q. If I have technical issues before, during, or after exam administration, who do I contact?
        A. For registration questions, please use the Pearson VUE customer service links provided during registration. If you encounter a technical issue during exam delivery, the exam proctor helps you try to resolve the issue. If necessary, the proctor provides an Incident Report number to reference when following up with Pearson VUE Customer Support.
        Q. I have an appointment scheduled for an OnVUE exam. How do I start it?
        A. We recommend signing in 15 minutes early before the scheduled appointment time. You have up to 15 minutes after your scheduled appointment time to begin the exam process. You are not permitted to begin the exam process after the allotted 15 minutes.
        Note You may wait up to 30 minutes before connecting with a greeter (required to reconfirm identity or room requirements) or proctor after completing the self-check-in process.

        To start your exam, sign in to Pearson VUE using your id. Select the exam from the list of Purchased Exams.


        Q. My proctor hasn’t started my exam yet. Where is my proctor?

        A. After successfully uploading your photos, you should be on a page that says, “You are almost done with the check-in process”. Please be patient: most candidates will have their exam launched by a proctor within 15 minutes of the exam appointment. If you are experiencing a longer delay, there may be a problem with your photos. The proctor will attempt to reach you over chat or your cell phone. The incoming phone number may be unfamiliar to you but please answer so they can help you. If Pearson VUE haven't contacted you in 30 minutes, the connection may have been lost. You'll need to reschedule your exam through Pearson VUE customer service.

        Read the Frequently Asked Questions and Answers for Exam Based Certifications

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