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Open Agile Architecture™ Practitioner Certification: How to Get Started with Individual Certification

How can I achieve certification?

After a period of study, attending an accredited training course or by self-study, you need take the Open Agile Architecture Practitioner examination.

After passing the examination you are invited to enter into a trademark license agreement to complete the certification (see The Open Group Certification for People: Certification Policy for Examination-Based Programs).

What is the difference between accredited and non-accredited training?

Accredited training course providers are subject to an assessment of the course materials and also their personnel and procedures. In addition all accredited trainers include in their course fee the examination.

What is the retake policy if I fail an Examination?

Candidates who fail an examination are not allowed to retake for a period of one (1) month. A result received before one month will be VOID.

What ID do I need to present to take the examination?

You should consult with the examination provider regarding the forms of picture ID you are required to present to verify your identity.

Can I refer to materials while I take the examination?

No; it is a closed-book examination.

If I fail, how soon can I retake the examination?

At the time of writing, the policy states that individuals who have failed the examination are not allowed to retake the examination within one (1) month of the first sitting.

Examination Overview

Certification for Open Agile Architecture Practitioner is achieved by passing the Open Agile Architecture Practitioner Examination. This is a multiple-choice examination with 40 questions.

The topic areas covered by the examination together with the number of questions per area follow:

  1. Characteristics of Agile    3 questions
  2. The Role of Architecture    3 questions
  3. Insights into Business Agility    4 questions
  4. Intentional Architecture    2 questions
  5. Characteristics of an Agile Organization    5 questions
  6. O-AA Building Blocks    4 questions
  7. Axioms for Agile Architecture    1 question
  8. Mental Model Changes    6 questions
  9. Towards the Digital Enterprise    4 questions
  10. Agile Architecture    4 questions
  11. Security in the Agile Architecture    4 questions