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Denver 2019: Proceedings – Security Forum

Security Forum Member Meeting

Objective of Meeting

The Security Forum member meeting predominantly focused on identifying future directions for the Forum and ways to attract additional members and participants.


The meeting focused on several topics:

  • Discussing the Risk Management Symposium that was to occur on Wednesday, July 24 which led to a brainstorming of what changes to other materials will need to be made when the updates to the O-RA and O-RT documents are completed
  • Considering which organization/company types would be most likely to influence the market to embrace the Open FAIR™ approach, such as consultancy companies and training companies that utilize it
  • Considering the future directions of the Security Forum, such as whether it would make sense for the Forum to take on a “generalist” role in advancing the field of security and risk or if it would be better to have a specific focus and develop a standard for Zero Trust Architecture, which could benefit from a collaboration with the Architecture Forum
  • Identifying issues with membership in the Security Forum – small companies likely cannot afford to participate in multiple Forums and only companies can become members, not individuals


The Forum decided to look into creating a track for a future conference focused on risk; it would feature risk analysts, lawyers, and regulators as presenters. The Forum will also continue to move forward with updating the Open FAIR Body of Knowledge.

Next Steps

The Security Forum will look to create several projects to attract participants and new members, such as one centered around Zero Trust Architecture or incorporating Decision Quality concepts into risk management.